Validation Memorandum


Provide specialized solutions for automated identification systems (AIDC) and management of organizational processes
other services
Sales and after-sales service, Mobile Computer PointMobile South Korea, Mobile Printer woosim South Korea, Godex, Zebra and Bar Code Honeywell Scanners
Software solutions
Synthetic indexing solutions include the integrated mechanized warehouse management (IMS), asset management (AMS), labeling and product packaging (LPS), product line tracking, fleet management (FMS), solutions for reader counting, Sales and field service
Official and exclusive sales and after sales service provider of South Korea’s pointmobile computer (Hands-On).
The official and exclusive sales and after-sales service of mobile printers (mobile printer) of South Korea’s woosim.
Zebra printers (tablecloths _ industrial) sales and after sales services.
Sales Representative and Godex Label Printers (Industrial Desktop).
Other hardware solutions
Provide a variety of tracking and auto-tracking solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the employer
Honeywell barcode scanners for sale and after sales services.
Favorite spheres
Warehouse-logistics-store-health services-postal services-reproduction-urban parking services-meter repair
GS1 compliant solution                                            .
  Honeywell barcode scanners for sale and after sales services.
Fixed phone number